Purchasing Prints of Paintings

Interested in a print of an original painting? I offer the below sizes and pricing for any prints, whether the original painting is currently for sale, or part of my past portfolio.

Just contact me about the work that you're interested in, and I'll be happy to discuss providing a print for you.

Sizes and Costs

I offer two sizes of prints of my artwork: 

8"x10" Prints (fixed to a 2" wide 11"x14" white matte and white foam board) for $35.00

11"x14" Prints (fixed to a 2" wide 16"x20" white matte and white foam board) for $45.00

Framing Considerations

The prices above are for unframed prints of my work (though they do include white mattes). If you're interested, I'd be happy to complete the framing and wiring process for you so that the print is ready to hang upon your possession. 

Now, Let's discuss that print.